Alvaro León Rodriguez

Alvaro León Rodriguez

Visual artist & Creative director

Valencia, España

Alvaro León Rodriguez

I´m a visual artist and Creative director who mixes motion and graphic design with handmade techniques like a collage to create unique and outstanding animations, illustrations, and Graphic Art.

In 2001 I co-founded the design and animation studio Keloide Audiovisual Lab until 2014 when I started my own creative studio: Alvaro León Creative Consultant, working independently as Visual Artist and creative director.

I grew up in Venezuela, now I live in Spain.

My creative process mixes traditional and digital tools diluting the intersection and optimizing the costs in between, achieving a unique style.

I believe in Creativity as a multi-disciplinary and transversal solution-maker skill.

I´m always looking for my next creative challenge.

Over the years:
I´ve Designed: main titles and visual identities for featured films and TV shows.
I´ve Illustrated: books, posters, and CD covers.
I´ve Directed: two experimental short films, with mixed media techniques, awarded nationally and internationally.
I´ve Created: over thirty music videos, combining live footage with animations, motion graphics, paper art, and illustrations.

I have delivered commercial images and videos for a wide range of clients: KIA motors, TEDx Madrid, Sony Music, Universal Music, As sport news paper, Warner Chappell, El Pais, Google, Greenpeace, ideas4all, BBVA, Comunidad de Madrid, TVE.

I´ve done great works for outstanding musicians including: Joaquin Sabina, Archive, Desorden Público, Los Amigos invisibles, Vetusta Morla, Love of lesbian, Idealipsicks, Mäbu, Hombres G. Marta Sanchez, Coti, Nena Daconte, Gastelo, among others.


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