Kyle Daily

My name is Kyle Daily and I am a motion graphics designer with more than a decade of professional experience. I worked for corporations as an in-house motion designer while simultaneously freelancing, and I am now a full-time freelancer. I am a lover of design, especially typography, and I enjoy exploring new techniques to bring design and typography to life with animation.

Since I began freelancing, I've focused on making Cavalry a key integration into my professional work. There are things that I'm able to do with Cavalry in minutes that would take me hours in other programs, so I aim to maximize this efficiency in my work. I also love that the team at Cavalry is continuously improving on this product, specifically based on the feedback from designers like you and me. I hope to get as many of you excited about Cavalry as I am, as the possibilities are limitless.

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  • Introducción a Cavalry para motion graphics

    Domestika Basics 7 cursos

    Descubre las bases de los motion graphics en 2D y aprende a usar las herramientas de este potente software para crear animaciones impactantes desde cero

    Por Kyle Daily, Diseñador de motion graphics

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