Joan Tauler Coma-Cros

Joan Tauler Coma-Cros


Madrid, España

Joan Tauler Coma-Cros

Learning is an integral part of growing. My aspirations in life are to continue crafting my passions: marketing, sales management, building interpersonal relationships, and being a leader who leads by example.

I thrive in competitive environments geared towards outstanding results that lead to an increase in leads, conversions, and overall profitability for any organization I'm part of. Steadfast with change, I prefer to work on tasks that challenge me intellectually, i.e. think outside of the box.

I want to change the way consumers feel about and connect with brands. I want to act as a partners with brand to help them reach consumers through these new means of communication.

Ficha profesional

  • Joan Tauler Coma-Cros – @jtaulerc
  • Marketing
  • Abierto a ofertas de empleo contrato en: Barcelona, España