Julian Calle
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Julian Calle

Vancouver, Canadá

Julian Calle

I'm a graphic designer who found everything I love about design in concept art for movies and video games. Conceptual art includes knowledge of photography, art history, semiotics, composition, and solving visual communication problems. I think our job is to solve visual communication problems, which is why I love my career because it is a holistic way of facing design challenges. My specialty is creating environments, but I especially love science fiction environments because I can express myself freely, it is interesting for me since I can break reality, but considering that my creation could be a possible world, then it must seem real , which means that my creativity in these types of pieces is a maximum expression of myself.

I have had the fortune to participate in great productions and projects of cinema and videogames, for the last 7 years in studies such as EA, WETA, IMAGE ENGINE, NETEASE, PARAMOUNT, TENCENT, producing digital art of environments, creatures, key frames, props And others, this adventure has taken me from Colombia to Canada, from junior to main concept artist with the great benefit of learning from great artists and directors who have filled me with experience.

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