jordi abarca taurá

jordi abarca taurá

productor, line producer, producer

Barcelona, España

jordi abarca taurá

let me tell about me: I´m a spanish production professional with almost 20 years of experience on cinema and advertisements. You can take a look on all my works at:

2 months ago I´ve finish my work as a line Producer for a French longfilm SERVICE directed by Romain Gavras (son of Costa Gavras) with Vincent Cassel, Isabel Adjani, Karen le Klou et Oulaya Amamra. Its a service for ICONOCLAST a big French production box . And actually I´ve just finished a midfilm/teaser of Adam Ethan Crow with the main actor Corey Johnson, produced by IN EXTREMIS FX FILM SERVICES

I speak: spanish, catalán, French and English

Now I´m looking for something new, a new challenge.



I´ve take a look trough your web and I found it very interesting. If you find necessary an interview (Skype?) feel free to contact me 24/7

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