JNTHN STEIN, also known as Charles Jacques, is a French-American recording artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, born in Oakland California and currently based in sunny Los Angeles. His love for soul, jazz, rnb, rock, indie and classical music come together to make a sound that is deeply passionate, expressive, sensual, intimate and vulnerable. JNTHN has released hundreds of songs and garned millions of streams on various online platforms, and has collaborated with artist of the likes of Benny Benassi, Delta Heavy, Brasstracks, Mr. Carmack, Mick Jenkins, A$AP Ferg, and has sync placements with Verizon and Reebok. JNTHN is also broadly considered the leading expert in the world on the Ableton Push, and has personally developed a unique and transformative way of playing it like no one ever before. In 2016 his video collaboration with Ableton changed the way the world saw the future of midi controllers, and has now close to 600k views on Youtube.

Above everything else in the world, JNTHN values flowstate and the effortless creative process of being in the moment and making it into something special, and having as much fun as possible while doing it. He uses the Push and any musical instruments he can get his hands on to make soulful warm relaxed beats, songs and music that make you and your friends just feel good.

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  • Creación de ritmos Lo-fi con Ableton Live y Push

    Crea, ajusta y edita un ritmo relajado Lo-fi que combine los elementos clave de la composición musical

    Un curso de JNTHN STEIN, Músico y compositor

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