Ivana Visnjic

Ivana Visnjic

The beauty within

Vojnica, Macedonia, República de

Ivana Visnjic

Ivana Visnjic is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist and wellness coach. Her passion for food and leading a healthy lifestyle brought her to the field of nutrition science. After acquiring her Bachcelor Degree in Nutrition and Healthy Food, she started working from her private practice, counseling people from all ages and backgrounds, on how to eat healthy and maintain their general wellness.

Apart from being a well known dietitian, Ivana Visnjic is also an energy coach, which means she teaches courses and educates people on how to increase their energy levels and concentration, by consuming the proper kind of food. Taking care of yourself and your health is the most important thing, and according to this nutritionist one of the best ways to achieve this is through your diet. Once you feel good in the inside it will show on the outside as well.

Ivana Visnjic is a regular guest on radio and TV shows, as she is a contributor to several health and wellness magazines, where she publishes articles on various topics, covering a wide range of themes, varying from eating disorders and body image, to natural and organic eating, eating for optimal health and disease prevention and so on.


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