Iñigo Gómez

Iñigo Gómez

UI / Graphic designer

Londres, Reino Unido

Iñigo Gómez

Iñigo Gómez is a Visual & UI Designer, Illustrator and caricaturist born in Spain and based in London, UK, since 2011. Mr. Iñigo is currently working as Human Experience Designer in Element Human.

He’s passionate about all kind of graphic and digital products, from logotypes, apps and websites to film posters, illustrations and caricatures. He aims to produce communication experiences that last in time and satisfy both client and audience. He considers himself a good team player and likes having fun at work 🙂

With more than 12 years experience in print, graphic & web design, Iñigo is always keen to share ideas, work collaboratively and learn from the best creative minds.


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