Humberto Muret Deudero

Humberto Muret Deudero

Diseñador Gráfico Ui/Ux

Palma, España

Humberto Muret Deudero

Visual Designer / Ui Artist

Resolving, creative, meticulous, responsible and great team worker, geek addict, Apple fan, videogames and board games enthusiastic, sushi eater but among everything I love my job and profession.

I define myself as a good team worker, versatile, fast and effective, with a great capacity of identifying the concerns of the client.

I have worked for more than 20 years in different companies (Activison Blizzard King, Microsoft Iberica, Meliá Hotels, Iberostar, Grupo Barceló, W2meet, Wakasolutions, Parc Bit, etc...) where I contributed to the work with my experiences and knowledge of different areas. More than 20 years of profession, experience and desire of continue learning and progressing as a professional.


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Ficha profesional


  • EDIB

    Palma de Mallorca, España

    1998 - 1999

Se unió en agosto de 2010