Gerardo Gean

Gerardo Gean

User Experience

Gerardo Gean

Gerardo Gean [LION]

User Experience Director at TM Advertising

Dallas/Fort Worth Area


* User Experience Director at TM Advertising
* Photographer at Minimalistica Studio (Sole Proprietorship)


* Creative / User Experience Designer at Verizon
* Creative / Web Designer / at TIGI
* Brand Manager/Graphic Design Director at Interlinea Sa de Cv

* Journalist Photographer at El Diario de Hoy

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* Comunicación Monica Herrera


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Results-oriented, motivated professional with strengths in marketing collateral development, brand management, business processes definition, Possesses excellent organizational, analytical, creative, managerial and client relationship skills. Thrive in a collegial, collaborative, and challenging environment.

I believe high-end design is the only true measure of a successful branding.

I believe in 4 simple axioms:
Design is where brand meets consumer.
Design is what touches the consumer's heart and mind.
Design is what leads to the sale.
Design leads communication to fulfill its destiny.

Driven by sensorial design, high-end creative for the new generation that provides fresh and dynamic ideas for today's market. I believe that evolution of creativity and quality can reach contemporary targets by generating sensorial emotions and feelings, occupying a unique niche within the industry.

With a thorough awareness of the importance and complex nature of corporate identity, I can enable you to reach new levels of business development. Originating from the vision and talents, and work, I grew into a business culture, translating business strategy into its creative destiny.

Branding Manager.- Art Direction, Conceptual Art Director, Commercial Photography and Fashion Photography,UI Design.