Gudy Herder

Gudy Herder is the founder of the trend agency Eclectic Trends specializing in Interior Design & Lifestyle. She helps brands and companies be ahead of the game by defining upcoming societal changes through Macro and Micro Trends.

Gudy works with design and sales teams across the lifestyle industry to clarify their vision on future communication and product strategies, sharing trend knowledge that will be translated into new product lines and services based on in-depth studies.

As an experienced keynote speaker, Gudy appears on international trade and award shows and teaches at design and art academies.
Her clients have included IKEA, Montblanc, European Institute of Design (IED), Grohe, Samsung, NCS, IMM Cologne, BOEN, Farrow&Ball, Cosentino, Barcelona Design Week, and Callwey, among others.

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