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Cassius Rayner

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Londres, Reino Unido

Cassius Rayner

My professional experience in film production spans over 20 years in drama, documentaries, music videos, news, programming and branded content. 6 years ago my life, and that of my family was turned upside down due to the birth of my second daughter with severe cardiac and other medical conditions. She spent a long time fighting for her life and we were with her night and day in hospital for months. During this time I began to explore my iPhone video capabilities and began to wonder how good was it - could I shoot professional content with it. After time we left the hospital and my daughter survived but the experience left me questioning many things, including my career, and so I decided to commit fully to exploring the potential of mobile filmmaking and its future. The film industry and filmmaking colleagues thought I was crazy and there was no future in it. I spent many years gaining my experience and knowledge of how to shoot with a mobile and its been a difficult but very rewarding journey. In the last 3 years I have been a guest speaker and lecturer at some of the most important film schools and industry organisations teaching and demonstrating the possibilities of mobile filmmaking. I have travelled the world filming documentaries, music videos and drama using a mobile phone and have been incredibly fortunate winning over 12 international film awards. It's now my time to pass my knowledge and experience to others, to learn from my mistakes and adventures to engage, motivate and inspire the next generation of mobile filmmakers in a world that it is now recognised and respected and continues to grow and develop.

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