Gerard Benito Pardo

Gerard Benito Pardo

Publicidad / Diseño gráfico / Diseño web

Zaragoza, España

Gerard Benito Pardo

I'm a UI/UX, web & graphic designer with over five years experience. Passionate and knowledgeable about branding, creative advertising, communication campaigns and web design.

My job experience has been work in advertising agencies, design studios and marketing and communication departments of companies for local and global brands, understanding their problems and solving their communication needs.

I perform tasks of creative advertising, strategy, branding and content management, among others. I have knowledge of web design programs (Sublime, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver) and graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash) at a professional level.

I am an open-minded, dynamic, proactive, entrepreneurial, imaginative, outgoing, organized and able to work in teams. As a professional, I have ideas and a lot of initiative and involvement in the projects entrusted to me. My view is young, fresh and accordance with the needs of modern communication.

Contact me and ask me everything by:
twitter: @gerardbenito
skype: gerard.benito


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