Dacil Borges

Dacil Borges

CEO & Founder

Barcelona, España

Dacil Borges

"Stop blending in with the rest of the crowd and start making money with us."

Flipflap is a performance advertising agency. We help web business to become mobile platforms and grow internationally.

We offer our advertisers the opportunity to reach their performance goals through a wide variety of traffic sources including our direct publishers, media buying and affiliation.

Our sector knowledge is based on more than 7 years of working for and also side by side with agencies, platforms, advertisers, affiliate networks, publishers and adtech specialists...

We enjoy every day at the office, we don’t have limits.

Lovers of pixels and new technologies. Extremely focused on results and optimization.

Open and transparent. We create knowledge value for you.

We improve synergies and try to become a complementary company for the industry, investing in long partnerships.

We are focused on your numbers and prepared to grow together...definitely we (you and us) are money lovers!!! :) WELCOME.

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