Fernanda Suarez
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Fernanda Suarez

Digital Illustrator and Character Designer

Santiago, Chile

Fernanda Suarez

Hi there! , my name is Fernanda and I am an Illustrator and Character Designer from Santiago, Chile.
I currently work as a Freelance Illustrator and have worked on various projects for Boardgame games, Illustrations, Tutorials, Book Covers and Private Commissions.

My biggest passion is painting characters and people that tell a story, I love portraying fantasy, dark, emotional themes on my work. I think that Art should express something, make you feel something when you look at it.
When we have real emotion on a portrait I think it creates a bond with the viewer, they can look at it and interpret it as they wish, connecting it with their own lives. I always try to create characters that feel like they could be real people.

I also really enjoy creating my own versions of known Characters like my "Modern" adaptations, where I try to bring characters to the modern world and imagine how they would look as normal people nowadays. I love fashion and make-up and is really fun to utilize that to create this modern versions.

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