Eugeni Baeta

Eugeni Baeta

Graphic Designer

West Drayton, Reino Unido

Eugeni Baeta

During the formative years, I not only went to class, but I also got involved with the life of the school and the world of design. I participated in several events and I attended lectures, exhibitions, conferences, etc...

I love typography and drawing letters, and I take every opportunity to learn new things and be able to apply them in the future. I like experimentation and daring, make mistakes and then achieve successes, and also I like the use the pencil like the software. I think it’s the best way to grow as a designer.

A part of the design world, I have also other concerns. Currently some friends (The Unofficial "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Spain Fan Club) and I organize screenings of the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show and also host Sing-a-long’s and Special Double Features. With some of these friends I created a Cultural
Association called “La Barberia del Mono” (The Monkey’s Barbershop) where we work preparing different events: arts exhibitions, films features, special occasion’s decor, etc...

Apart from these collaborations, I like all kind of films but I really love horror, sci-fi and fantastic movies. That is why I am a volunteer at Sitges' International Fantastic Film Festival.


Ficha profesional

Se unió en agosto de 2009