Santiago  Usano Martínez

Santiago Usano Martínez


Valencia, España

Santiago Usano Martínez

Behind the artistic name of Enisaurus is Santiago Usano, a full-time freelance Commercial Illustrator with a background in graphic design, currently working between Valencia and London.

His work is a cocktail of geometry, textures, bold strokes and intense colors. He develops, commercial, advertising and editorial illustration projects, combining them with his love for working on personal projects. Because experimenting is learning, and learning is evolving.

Born and raised in Valencia, Spain. Santiago has a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at EASD – Art & Graphic Design school from Valencia. He also has a Master’s degree in Advertising from ZINK! School.

He moved to London in 2014. In 2015 he works in PowerStation Studios. There, under their direction, he made illustrations for clients such as Microsoft, Activision, Google, Nickelodeon or Rovio.
Between his own selected clients are BMW, Seattle Met, Atlanta Mag, TEDx, Ayuda en Acción and Audience View.

His work is influenced by his love for movies, series, cartoons, books, comics, toys and video games.