ely zanni

ely zanni

freelance graphic designer

Ámsterdam, Países Bajos

ely zanni

I'm a driven, versatile and curious freelance graphic designer with special passion for brand identity, logo design, packaging, typography and vector illustration.

I believe in the power of design for good and my focus is to inspire and support change-makers brands and companies that are embracing sustainability and innovation to drive behavioral, social, cultural and environmental change.

Born and raised in Argentina, lived in Barcelona and London, I’m currently based in Amsterdam where I combine remote work with side projects and collaborations. Whether is developing a project from scratch or working with brand books, I like to help my clients to bring their ideas to life through custom and meaningful graphic solutions, always focusing on their needs.

With 20+ years of international work experience in agencies and studios, some of the companies I worked with are Nipo Software, Spar Supermarket Spain, Sage, Honda, Nestlé. I also collaborated with Antenna International contributing to the UI design for mobile apps such as Guggenheim Abu Dhabi ‘Seeing through light’ and Tate Modern 'Main Tour' from London.

What I do, but not limited to:

. Logo design
. Brand identity
. Marketing materials
. Packaging design
. Vector illustration
. Icon design
. Visual content
. Event branding
. Working with brand books
. Consulting
. Project management

I find inspiration in the biggest movements such as swiss style, futurism, art deco, and anywhere like a bike ride through the city, travelling, art exhibitions, design books, second hand markets or surfing through social media. I love minimal design, bright colours and geometric patterns. I’m always on the look for new inspirations or learning something new. I like to experiment and push my boundaries to create something I haven’t done before. I also enjoy hand drawing custom type, lettering and watercolours. Some of my works are available in
You can also find me rollerskating in the parks, exploring Holland by bike or learning how to grow my own veggies in my small balcony.

I'm available for work and collabs. If you'd like to discuss your project, please feel free to message me, I’m happy to hear from you!


Se unió en marzo de 2007