Eileen Ng
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Eileen Ng

Craft artist and maker

Madrid, España

Eileen Ng

I love making things and I love using my hands. I always have, and no doubt I always will. My fidgeting fingers just can't stop. I am a happy maker who's happy making.

Born and raised in London, UK. Working and living as a craft artist and maker in Madrid, Spain since 2001.
After studying a Foundation course at Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design in London, I went on to study a degree in Ceramics at UWE in Bristol. It was there where I discovered my passion for texture and form, taking inspiration from nature and flora to develop sculptural pieces in porcelain paper-clay and with wicker.

Since then, my fascination with vegetation and plants mixed with my curiosity for experimenting with different materials has led me to create botanical art in paper, wicker and wire.
I want to bring the freshness and life of the outdoors inside!

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