Isabella Del Gobbo

Isabella Del Gobbo

An aspiring illustrator

Rieti, Italia

Isabella Del Gobbo

I was born in Rome and I live in Toffia, a small ancient village near Rieti since 2005. It took me years but I finally realized my plan to go and live in the countryside.
I have another project, to become an illustrator and I’m working really hard to succeed.
I am self-taught because for various reasons I could not attend any art school in my early years. I have quite good creative skills so I filled my disappointment by doing crochet, paper crafts or polymerclay and resin crafts. I started drawing again a few years ago and during the 2020 lockdown I boosted my artistic education by spending hours studying, drawing and painting. I am trying to define my own path and Domestika courses are really helpful for that. Thanks to the video lessons I understand where I want to go and what I need to do. I’m not a young girl but I don’t want to think that for me it’s too late. After all, my motto is: "Adelante siempre, siempre un poco màs"!


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