Debbie Castro
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Debbie Castro

Fine Art Photographer/ Lecturer

Londres, Reino Unido

Debbie Castro

Since 2011, I have specialized in lecturing in photography and I have climbed the ropes from Senior Trainer to the Director of Training for prominent Institutes in London. I currently write classes and mentor students from all around the world. My job includes Co-ordinator of Masterclasses, portfolio reviews, research and development, and curating shows for LIoP (London Institute of Photography)

My personal work has allowed me to have exhibitions in London, NYC and in Ireland’s photo-festival. I have published a limited edition book called "Who gave you the roses?" I have moved from documentary into conceptual photography and working with archives.

I have a Degree in Psychology and Psychoanalysis and a Master's in Photojournalism from the University of Westminster, London. Combining both, my conceptual documentary work common thread is control, memory, and body image.

Other than photography my interests are cycling especially BMX, Boxing, yoga, listening to podcasts and Brutalist architecture.

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  • Introducción a la fotografía digital en modo manual

    Explora los fundamentos de la fotografía y crea imágenes impresionantes aprendiendo a controlar la exposición, la composición y la velocidad de obturación

    Un curso de Debbie Castro, Fotógrafa, artista y docente

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