Natalia Robles

My name is Natalia, Spanish currently living in The Netherlands.

I am a very social being and since I can remember I love writing and drawing. It was not only a nice hobby but also a very powerful way to express myself through some of the hard life experiences I went through.

I had no clue that you could make a living by it until I went to University where I studied Media and Communications. There I have discovered the world of Graphic Design & Illustration and I immediately fell in love with it.

However, sometimes love has to wait. I left Spain in 2010 to experience living abroad and since then I have lived in several European countries. I have worked in international companies as a Project Manager and KAM for e-commerce platforms leaving, once again, my creative skills for my spare time.

Until last year when I have decided to change my career and pursue something more meaningful. I decided to study UX/UI design as a way to put together my business mentality and people skills with a more user-centered and design-oriented roles.

If you would like to know more, please drop me a message. I am always very happy to meet new people!



Se unió en diciembre de 2010