Cómodo Screen

Cómodo Screen

Estudio de motion graphics y broadcast design

Barcelona, España

Cómodo Screen

Try saying Cómodo (Ko-mo-ðo). Say it slow and sound out all the syllables, let the word really fill your mouth and your brain. It’s a nice sensation, right?

That feeling is synonymous with Cómodo Screen’s work. We are a creative studio based in Barcelona specializing in motion graphics, broadcast design and branding.

Cómodo Screen may be small but we love big projects. From full naming concepts that have even influenced subsequent channel content to bumpers, idents or title sequences, interactive TV templates to advertising, we love being screen specialists.

Being inspired by such diverse areas as art, images, technology and television, our desire for hybridization places creativity at the centre of our unique Cómodo equation. The rest of the formula is originality, rigour and experience in equal measure. Without forgetting that comfortable feeling. We aim to take care of all your needs, transforming your briefs into pieces of pure broadcast perfection.

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