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Clare Seal

Bath, Reino Unido

Clare Seal

I am the founder of The Financial Wellness Forum, author of Real Life Money and The Real Life Money Journal and woman behind the @myfrugalyear Instagram account.

I work to encourage and educate on financial wellbeing, discussing how mindset, privilege and circumstances contribute to our financial wellness, with a particular emphasis on the unique challenges faced by people with unconventional financial circumstances.

I offer one to one coaching, group workshops and consultancy for businesses wanting to offer financial wellbeing support to their employees.

I am the Money Matters columnist for Glamour UK, and have bylines in The I Paper, Grazia, Refinery29 and others.

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  • Finanzas para freelancers y pequeñas empresas

    Aprende a marcar metas presupuestarias alcanzables, desarrollar hábitos estables de administración del dinero y equilibrar los gastos comerciales y personales para dominar tus finanzas

    Un curso de Clare Seal, Experta en bienestar financiero

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