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Alexandre Chappel

Oslo, Noruega

Alexandre Chappel

My name is Alexandre Chappel, I’m an Industrial designer, maker, and Youtuber.

I’m originally from Switzerland but I’ve spent the past 20 years of my life in Norway.

This is also where I studied industrial design and learned to become a fine furniture maker. In the past, I’ve done many different things, but all of them with the common theme of creating something. I’ve designed and fabricated furniture for clients built prototypes for products and made all sorts of cool things for myself.

In Design school, we were lucky enough to have a big workshop with lots of tools. And we got to play around with everything from metal and woodworking to laser cutting and 3d printing. Me already having a background in woodworking I felt right at home and fell in love with the possibilities of combining these technologies with each other.

I’m lucky enough that I turned my hobby into my job, so for the past 3 years now, I’ve made videos about making things on Youtube. If you want you can check out my channel

I love doing what I do, being able to inspire people to make something and pursue their passions.
And I hope I can inspire you to try out something new and start making something.

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