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Carol Fountain Nix

Raleigh, Estados Unidos

Carol Fountain Nix

I am Carol Fountain Nix, an award-winning entrepreneur, educator, designer, and calligrapher. My work is a fusion of mixed media and calligraphy. My inspiration originates from the colors and textures in nature, and I seek to create works that have an organic, earthy feel. I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina in the USA, which provides an endless array of visual stimulation: rock formations, tree limbs, vines, mossy beds, and cool creek sides lined with mountain laurel.

I am forever a student of calligraphy and I have studied with some of the world’s bests lettering artists. It is a skill that requires dedication, desire, and an acute attention to detail. My goal is to create and preserve the integrity of each letter – not an easy task when writing over many layers of media. Each piece relates directly and metaphorically with the content with regard to composition, color, tone, placement and style.

I have taught calligraphy, hand lettering and typography for many years and conducted workshops all over the USA as well as internationally. I also taught lettering sessions at Facebook's Analog Research Lab, at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, and workshops for Adobe in San Francisco. It was particularly fun to be a featured instructor at the annual Adobe Max Annual Creativity Conference where I taught calligraphy basics to over 180 students – at a digital conference!

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