Bradley Van Der Straeten
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Bradley Van Der Straeten

Londres, Reino Unido

Bradley Van Der Straeten

George and Ewald are the co-founders of Bradley Van Der Straeten, a multi-award winning architecture studio, based in London.

The practice specialises in residential architecture and interior design, with numerous national and international awards & publications under their belt. Aside from the individual approach to creating new homes and home renovations, the team is also nationally and internationally recognised for it’s creation of the world’s largest purpose-designed music therapy centre Nordoff Robbins and it’s community contribution.

They are also the founders of The Two architects, their online platform launched in 2020 and provides pay per meet architect service.

In the early 00’s, George & Ewald became friends at the University of Liverpool, UK. They taught on the Interior Architecture course at the University of Westminster, London and co-presented on UK national television for the show 'Love Your Home and Garden'.

Prior to founding the company George worked for a number of award-winning architects including Australian based Denton Corker Marshall. Ewald worked for Arcasa Arkitekter in Oslo, Dial Architects in Ghent, Belgium and Interiørverkstedet AS, a high end bespoke carpentry firm in Oslo.

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