Birgit Palma
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Birgit Palma

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Barcelona, España

Birgit Palma

Hi, I'm a passionate multidisciplinary designer and illustrator working and living in Barcelona, Spain.
Born in Austria, I studied design and worked later for different design studios in New York, Austria and Spain.

Crafting at the sweet spot between illustration and lettering, I'm passionate to explore the room within those two disciplines creating a wide range of bold, colourful and detail-loving artwork.

The last years, I’ve been lucky to travel around the globe to speak at various conferences, give workshops and classes at the university of applied sciences in Salzburg as well as EINA Barcelona. My work has been published in many publications and books.

I like solving visual as well as real life life puzzles: from how to make a perfect media lua in capoeira as well as solving the system behind surrealist and op art.

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