Bill Robles
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Bill Robles

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Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos

Bill Robles

Bill Robles has been a courtroom artist, illustrator, and teacher for more than 50 years.
The 1970 Charles Manson trial launched Bill’s career as a television news courtroom artist, which earned him a special gold medal from the Los Angeles Art Directors Club.
Followed by the widely publicized trials of Patty Hearst, automaker John Delorean, Roman
Polanski, The Hillside Strangler, The Night Stalker, Rodney King, OJ Simpson, Oklahoma
City bombers, the Menendez Brothers, Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman,
Paris Hilton, Camron Diaz, Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppelin, Lindsay Lohan, Elon Musk, Harvey
Weinstein, and most recently, Brittney Spears.
In 1981, Bill was selected by NASA to document the first four space shuttle missions.
In 2003, the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators honored him with its lifetime achievement
In 2016, the Library of Congress acquired all of Bill’s original artwork from the book publication titled “The Illustrated Courtroom 50 Years of Courtroom Art”.
He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the prestigious Art Center College of Design,
where he later taught.
A native of Los Angeles, he currently resides in Brentwood, California

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