Senni Aleksandra

Senni Aleksandra

Visual artist

Tampere, Finlandia

Senni Aleksandra

I am a visual artist based in Tampere, Finland. Besides my personal work, I do photography, sewing, graphic design and illustration.

human body / nature / environment / human behavior /anatomy / family history /
embroidery / folk crafts / mixed media / installation / film photography

In her artworks, Senni Aleksandra examines the human body and its fragilities. She uses videos, photographs, embroidery and different kinds of installations as approaches to examine the human body, which is seen as a collection of forms and in other hand as a spatial being, which is part of their environment. Physical closeness reveals the imperfectness of the skin and the fragility of a human being. Closeness also takes us away from the person, when the outlines do not follow the forms of a human being.



Se unió en febrero de 2020