André Caetano

André Caetano

Illustrador e Designer Gráfico

Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal

André Caetano

My name is André Caetano and I'm a portuguese graphic designer and illustrator.

I was raised in a small town called Vila de Pereira, near Coimbra, Portugal.
Drawing and telling stories were two things that i always loved growing up. When i was about 15 years old i discovered the french comics magazine Lanfeust, and that made me want to be a cartoonist.
Looking to improve my skills i attended the Escola Universitária de Artes de Coimbra, studying Communication Design, graduating in 2006.
My intent initially was to do comics, but very soon, illustration, typography and the problem solving that graphic design offers, grabbed my attention as well.

Since September 2008, i’ve been freelancing full time, working for great clients like Porto Editora, Edições Asa, Grupo de Teatro O Celeiro, and many more.


Edições Polvo
Light Grey Art Lab
Porto Editora
Edições Asa
Centro de Neurociência e Biologia
Baptista & Soares
Basquete Clube Porto Santo Mimarte
Grupo CH
Livraria Dr.Kartoon
O Conventual
Grupo de Teatro O Celeiro
O Teatrão
Calendário de Letras
Lápis de Memórias Minerva Coimbra
Revista Göoo
Câmara Municipal de Montemor-o-Velho
Junta de Freguesia da Vila de Pereira
Instituto Pedro Nunes


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