Anna Juskova


My name is Anna and I am from Slovakia. By profession, I am IT business analyst and I live in Helsinki, Finland.

I have been interested in arts and crafts since I was little; but that's only when I was adult, that I started with painting via an evening course offered by a friend. There I fell in love with the colors, mixing on the palette, playing with the light and the dark, mystery of the transfer of 3D reality to the 2D canvas.. and all the artistic universe.

In my work, I have been mostly using acrylics so far; and been focusing on copying known and less known painters. I like copying famous artwork that I like as it give me the opportunity to go deeper in the understanding of the painting, discover its hidden secrets, as well as to learn how artists play with light and colors, how they build their composition and transfer their feeling on the canvas, and ultimately improving my technic.
As one of my projects, I attached the Mediterranean Landscape from Picasso that I copied few years ago.

After working with acrylics, I naturally wanted to try another painting methods too. The dynamics and vivid rhythm of watercolors attracted me much, as their unpredictability kind of scared me. I purchased the cheap set of school watercolors and started with the first Youtube tutorials.

I then discovered this platform and launched myself fully into this new adventure of watercolor painting, yet this time, with more quality material and good information from professionals.

I still have a lot to learn, and to practice- in terms of the watercolor techniques, drawing in general, trying new methods such as oil painting, understanding the marketing behind the art sale etc. I am so glad to find the Domestika platform that has got a huge learning potential for me.


Se unió en marzo de 2021