Adolfo Aliaga

Adolfo Aliaga

Concept Designer , 3d artist, character Animator

Valencia, España

Adolfo Aliaga

Hi, my name is Adolfo Aliaga.

I am an Art Center Collage of Design graduated with a BS in Product Design.
I have a long solid experience and a wide range set of tools and skills;
-Traditional (Sketching, rendering and illustration among others)
-2D Digital (Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop and After Effects and others)
-3D ( Maya, Max and ZBrush)
-I have also good knowledge of lighting and composting (in both max and maya, Vray, Mental Ray, Maxwell and After effects)

But more important, a great sensibility towards Design. I have a great passion for design, drawing and illustration as well as for 3d and new technologies always since I was a kid.

I have more than 5 years of experience in 3D animated series and short films in max and maya.

-"Friendsheep" in Max. Animation, modeling, lighting & Compo.
-"Serie System" de Neotecno, in Maya. Animation, extra character modeling and rig .
-"Black Beans" in max. Animation, character, sets and props modeling, hair and fur & lighting.
-"Growing Leo" Animation, character, sets and props modeling & lighting.
-"Conni" Kids German TV , in Maya. Animation & render.
-"The Book of Life", in Maya. Modeling Rig & animation for previs).
-"Rippos Planet" Kids TV, in Max. Animation, Modeling & Cat Rigging.

I am always open to new professional opportunities. If you ned more information, concat me.
Thank you!

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