Alberto Sanchez Garcia

Alberto Sanchez Garcia

Product Designer

Parma, Italia

Alberto Sanchez Garcia

I´m a Madrid-born industrial designer for Bormioli Rocco Company from 2011, member of DIMAD from 2016

My work here is about creating new items or modifying some of the existing ones by combining aesthetic and qualitative features with the technical resources the company has developed during the years. I'm in charge on the research, analysis and implementation of trends.

Between my assignments there is the responsibility for the visits of the production plants. I worked also at the research, cataloging and protection of Company Heritage.

I mean that the fact that during all these years everything has been done and seen, therefore our work everyday is a challenge because we have to concentrate on the smallest details that make the difference. As during the process that gave birth to Officina 1825 collection with it's own historical connotation but a simple message at the same time.

Every day people pay attention and great care of the environment and spaces that surround them. At the moment of having lunch, drinking or sitting down at the table our articles have to convey and offer a complete experience, result of different factors.
This is achieved by realizing products which combine design, technic, aesthetic, packaging and many other aspects...

I’ve always been attracted by Spanish design, the way our culture is put in contact with and made part of the products. Then, of course, I look to the work of great designers. Every culture, every country have their own traditions and habits at the table, therefore these differences and aspects have to be studied. And the results of these studies allow us to offer a differentiated and wide range of products. An international feel, classic and oriental style inspired Arches tumblers. A metaphorical walk between solemn Moorish buildings found its daily expression in Naos tumblers.

It’s an amazing sensation to see how a product designed by you and realized thanks to the cooperation and work of many people, has been chosen by people in their daily lives. Realizing that your idea about things is shared by other people is an honour.


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