Katerina Kolberg
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Katerina Kolberg

Oslo, Noruega

Katerina Kolberg

Hi! I'm an award-winning watercolour illustrator from Norway. For almost 10 years I've been working in the field of art and design creating illustrations for packaging, advertising campaigns, surface patterns and animations.

Originally I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine. Since I can remember myself I had a passion for arts and crafts, so I chose to become an architect and I've got a bachelor degree in architecture and urban planning. But after moving to Norway I started to paint again and in a few month I've got my first commission for wedding invitation design based on watercolour illustrations. Since then I developed my own style with focus on details and realistic effect in my artworks. I have a passion for pure, bright colours and my goal is to capture the beauty in nature, by just brushes and paint.

Watercolour opened a new world for me: filled with beauty, excitement and presence! And now I'm happy to share my technique with you so that your painting process would be joyful and the results would make you proud.

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