Águeda Peña

Águeda Peña

Diseño gráfico

Valencia, España

Águeda Peña

I´m Águeda.

I studied product design at Valencia EASD, grade that really made me feel inspired and avid about every aspect of the creation process of an object.

Although my studies were related more about the object itself, I always felt so passionate about everything around it, about it´s concept, the reason of its existance.
And then, how to comunicate that idea.

On my way, I realised that process I like the most, are the beginning and the end of each project.
The parts were the concept of it matters the most.
I started feeling so atracted to the graphic design and comunication world, there´s were I found my path.

Now, I´m willing to learn, grow and face new experiences and challenges.


Se unió en mayo de 2019