Adhemas Batista

I am a Brazilian-born, American-adopted Director of Design and artist in Los Angeles. My passion is fusing a strategic foundation with beautiful craft to create meaningful concepts.

Self-taught, I started my career at fifteen as a web designer. Over the last two decades, I’ve developed a distinct visual style across the variety of media I work in (illustration, typography, animation, photography)—which has led me to work with most Fortune 500 brands.

My body of work has earned frequent press coverage and the highest honors in the industry, including a Grand Prix for Good in 2016 for the animated short “Malak and the Boat,” created to raise awareness around the Syrian refugee crisis.

I’ve led and built design teams, been featured in art galleries, co-founded a digital agency in Brazil and owned a design studio in LA. These days, I divide my time between my family and leading the Design Department at Deutsch, LA. I continue to experiment with new media in between lectures and workshops worldwide. When I’m not designing, I’m creating.

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