Abrar Khan
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Abrar Khan

Concept Artist / Illustrator

Malmö, Suecia

Abrar Khan

Hey there ^^
I am Abrar and I work as a Senior Marketing Artist at Ubisoft Massive. As a Marketing artist at Massive, I am responsible for creating promotional content such as screenshots/keyarts/character posters for our upcoming games. In my free time, As a creative person I always tend to work on my personal artwork which is influenced by the Sci-fi/Cyberpunk genre. I have always been into this particular genre as I can see the influence of this impact our future. Plus it just looks "Cool" ;)

Besides creating artworks. I love Travelling and Photography. I believe its always good to take a little break from your computer screen (or the digital world altogether) and explore. Travelling for me brings in a new perspective as you get to experience new places/people/food/lifestyle etc and that combined with photography has always helped me refresh my mind.

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