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Connie Lim

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Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos

Connie Lim

My name is Connie Lim and I am a freelance illustrator and educator from Los Angeles, USA. From an early age art has been my passion, from drawing every day as a young child through to enrolling to study illustration at the prestigious Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena, California. It was there that I fell in love with drawing, learning about the human form, experimenting with media and just discovering myself as a creative.

It was the first year here that I laid the foundations for my obsession with drawing characters. I was always drawn to emotions, expressions, and theatrical energy. I discovered fashion embodied all these aspects and was the perfect outlet. My passion then brought me to London in 2010 to study at Central Saint Martins and the UK has been a creative base for me on and off since during the past ten years. It was these years in the UK that has given me the opportunities and experiences to hone in on my own creative voice.

Following my graduation I set about developing my love of illustration and fashion to forge striking images of my characters in couture, reflecting the artisanal approach and application with a determination to create a truly unique aesthetic. This has driven me through a strong period of creative growth and as my reputation as a freelance artist has grown, I have had my work published, both on the web and in print, featured in magazines, been involved in gallery shows, installations, and collaborated and consulted in my field both in the UK and overseas. I am now also privileged to be invited to impart my knowledge and demonstrate my techniques at a number of educational art institutions, which is a great honour. In terms of immediate upcoming projects for early 2020, I will be participating in a group exhibition in Portland, Oregon from February 15, 2020 to March 4, 2020 at the well known Nucleus Gallery. I have also been invited to Central Saint Martins in February as a guest to teach drawing techniques and oversee their Balenciaga portfolio project to undergraduates on their prestigious BA Fashion course. My past exhibitions and clients include: ShowStudio, La Perla, Louboutin, Bulgari, Guerlain, Revlon, Gallery Nucleus, Oxo Gallery and my current publication of ‘The Illustrator’ by Taschen published 2019.

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