Full-stack Javascript Developer



At Soamee we love software development and we are searching for some mid/senior developer to join our team.

We are searching for a Full-Stack JS developer that has worked with technologies like Node.js, React.js, or React Native for the past years (at least 2 will be great!).

As part of the team, you will play a significant and visible role in the team because we believe in Agile Management, Continuous Learning, and Pair Programming.

We aim to deeply collaborate and communicate well. We encourage new ideas and experimentation. In fact, one day you’ll be deep in a React front-end, the next you’ll be working on a complex back-end service.

We are currently based in Madrid, Spain, but open to other locations as well. Full Remote work is a possibility although we like going to the office sometimes to join other team members.

What You’ll Be Doing

- Designing reliable, but simple solutions to complex problems at scale.
- Providing constructive criticism in a way that builds the team’s bench strength.
- Working with an amazing team that will be always open to learning.
- Experimenting with new startups that are working on innovative products.
- Enjoying software development.

Why us?

One of the main reasons for founding Soamee was the satisfaction of working on new products and seeing them grow. And that's one of the things we strongly believe in: We've seen lots of successful products grow with us. Our expertise includes contributing to each of the multiple phases of product design.

Our values are having a Great and compact team, Continuous Learning, Knowledge Sharing, Transparency, and Communication, and our tech stack is rooted in Node.js (Express, NestJS), React, React Native, and mainly deploying on AWS or Google Cloud.

We offer training and internal talks so that we can all improve and learn step by step together.
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 situation, we've been trying to gather as much time as possible to make the team feel closer to each other.

We schedule some weekly coffees so you can spend some time talking to other team members about anything non-work related

Once a month (first Monday) we share all the improvements and things that have changed over the last month.

Some Fridays we schedule what we call Round Tables to discuss a specific article. Some great discussions raise around this

Our main language is English because some team members are not Spanish native speakers.

Remote culture is fully integrated into our team and it will be that way after COVID-19 disappears (we already have some full-remote team members)

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Full-stack Javascript Developer
Calle mayor, 4, Madrid