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Python Programmer


Meio período

We are an innovative biomedical start-up in the SF area, in urgent need of a full-stack Python developer to help us develop a web portal and necessary automation for our tests. We are looking for a candidate that shines in the following areas:

- Fluent in Python and a web development framework like Flask.
- Experience in PostgreSQL or a Python ORM that supports it, like peewee.
- Experience with AWS and an infrastructure-as-code tool (we use Terraform).
- Knowledge of VCS and code review tools like git and Github/Phabricator.
- Experience with graphics and PDF generation is also a plus, to help us create useful and clear reports for our customers.
- Familiarity with fast-paced environments and early-release schedules.
- Communication with the rest of the team will happen in English and/or Spanish.

The candidate will work closely with our tech lead regarding software architecture and code reviews, and we expect an average of 10-20 h/week.

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Python Programmer