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Barcelona, Spain

YLAB Architects

YLAB Architects is a Barcelona based architectural design company cofounded by Tobias Laarmann (Germany) and Yolanda Yuste (Spain).

We offer architectural, interior design, management and consulting services in residential, commercial, hospitality and corporate design projects. Our projects are conceived to merge smart design with a great level of detail and finest craft work under the focus on functionality and consideration of a client’s individual personality and needs. Our company has been recognized for service excellence by a broad spectrum of organizations and publications, including The New York Times and the Architectural Digest.

Yolanda Yuste combines her studio work with teaching international study-abroad and post-graduate courses at the Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.


  • Interior Design Methodology for Custom Projects

    Learn the basics of project management for interior design and transform your ideas into reality by laying a solid framework and optimizing your workflow

    A course by YLAB Architects, Architect and Interior Design Studio

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