Bernat Mercader (Wood Bern Carvings)
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Bernat Mercader (Wood Bern Carvings)

Tallista / Escultor de madera.

Barcelona, Spain

Bernat Mercader (Wood Bern Carvings)

My name is Bernat Mercader and I'm a woodcarver based in Barcelona, Spain. I've been woodcarving since 2016 after attending a local workshop in which I learned relief and chip carving techniques.

I've been experimenting and combining with both techniques for 6 years and I'm still learning and improving from this craft. For the past 2 years I've been sharing what I've learned by teaching live classes and courses both in local workshops and my own.

I love and feel really comfortable sharing my experience with other people. I use everything I have learned this time in my Chip Carving journey to convey what I want to say in a clear way that can be easily understood. Having the opportunity to meet new people interested in woodcarving and see their progress inspires me and gives me purpose!

That is why I believe that together with Domestika, we can create an attractive course for all of you!


  • Introduction to Chip Carving for Wooden Patterns

    Learn the fundamentals of chip carving to create organic, geometric, patterns from the initial design to the final cut

    A course by Bernat Mercader (Wood Bern Carvings), Craftsman

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