Vix Meldrew

Hi! I’m Vix, the founder of Grow & Glow.

I spent 4 years learning everything there is to know about building a personal brand that launches an online business.

As well as a teacher, I am an avid learner and over the last few years I’ve devoured every e-book, e-course, blog post and podcast episode about creating an online business through personal branding and content marketing.

I understand how difficult it is to cut through the crap and dive into the most useful and effective teachings and resources – and how much time can be wasted!

Hopefully you'll get lots of value from my courses here at Domestika!


  • Building a Personal Brand on Instagram

    Discover your niche and create engaging content that grows your audience and builds your brand

    A course by Vix Meldrew, Content Creator and Online Educator

Joined September 2020