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Victoria Jane

Nueva York, United States

Victoria Jane

Hello! I’m Victoria Jane - a photographer, florist and stylist based in Brooklyn, New York.
I received my first camera at the age of 9 and since then, I’ve barely ever spent a day without one!
After high school, I attended the International Center of Photography. It was there where I really discovered, and was able to nurture my love of photography.
After graduating I accepted any photography job I could, so that I could keep developing my craft. Weddings, events, retail and portraits - you name it, I shot it!
It wasn’t, however, until 2018, that I decided to merge my two passions - photography and florals - which resulted in what I would say was my area of specialty; still-life photography featuring botanicals.

I would describe my style as ‘Colorful Punchy.’ My work uses florals, bold colors, textures and light, all hopefully coming together to create a distinctive still life scene.
My creative purpose is to try and reflect the joy of the natural world in a cool, contemporary way while showcasing it’s wonder, beauty and quiet quirkiness.
To date, I have been fortunate enough to bring my style to different retail, health and wellness, food and beverage and lifestyle brands.


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