Tobias Holzweiler
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Tobias Holzweiler

Cologne, Germany

Tobias Holzweiler

I’m a freelance photographer based in Germany. Photography lets me channel my thoughts and feelings. Whether if it’s in portrait or street photography. It enables me to create a world people would understand and at the same time reveal a piece of my soul. It’s always an expression of how I see the world and how I feel. In the end, it’s all that touches me - people, places, moments, and things. It might sound cheesy, but photography changed my entire life. not because I can make a living from it, but because it changed the way I see and experience life. Photography taught me to find beauty in the ordinary.


  • Cinematic Portrait Photography: Light and Atmosphere

    Learn to use natural and artificial lighting along with Lightroom effects to create unique moods and tell stories through your portraits

    A course by Tobias Holzweiler, Photographer

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