Temi Coker

My name is Temi Coker and I wad born in Lagos, Nigeria and now reside in Texas. My Creative journey started from when I was young. I always looked for ways to convey my ideas visually. I found my style by merging my love for photography and graphic design. This has allowed me to evoke emotion through my work and tell stories as well as Art direct campaigns for big brands.

A lot of the subjects in my work are African American because I want to show the world that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. My work is filled with layers of my Nigerian culture, colors, patterns, dimensions and textures. I don't just want create art. I want to create powerful experiences that move and challenge beauty standards.

I've worked with clients like Apple, Google, The Oscars, Amazon, Footlocker, AT&T and many more.

Creating Art is more than just a hobby to me, it’s my passion and everyday I get the opportunity show everyone the power of creativity and how it can change the world.


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