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Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Tesler + Mendelovitch

Tesler + Mendelovitch is a material and product design studio that creates innovative, wood textiles — transforming them into luxury projects for automotive, architecture, and fashion.

Our design philosophy is based on what we call "form follows material" - which means that we believe that the best design is based on innovative materials and understanding their characteristics. The material itself can inform completely new shapes, geometries, and applications - which is why we as a design team cross over many design disciplines. Our wood textiles are so versatile that they allow us to create fashion, furniture, wall panels, acoustic tiles, and even clothing. All we need to do is let it take shape and ensure aesthetic value, function and good proportion.

Itamar and I met whilst studying for our textile degree in Israel at the Shenkar University of Engineering and Design back in 2012. Our shared outlook in regards to design and aesthetics led us to invest time in creating wood textiles that could have the potential to redefine the way we both construct and produce three-dimensional products.
Design-wise we were and still are very inspired by the minimalism of clean lines and precision, but also like the idea of creating soft materials from hard and hard materials from soft.

Mostly, the material itself inspired us, as we think that the material informs the product. At the time (after graduation), we felt that we would be happiest in creating a space where we could experiment with our own ideas and be our own creative directors. Initially, we knew that we wanted to work on surfaces and see where that led us in terms of product design. After working intensively for a year, we launched our Diamond woods furniture collection. From there, we began experimenting further with the wooden textile-working on a smaller and smaller scale till we achieved numerous product collections.

Each project begins as a flat wood textile. We then begin pulling and stretching, folding and bending in order to understand the textile's boundaries. We study the weak points and strengthen those so that we can pull the flat surface into a three-dimensional shape that it couldn't before. Each project, the material lets us know what it wants to become, we just allow it to take shape.

All products are 100% original, developed very carefully, and built to last.

Although being very much futurists in our aesthetics, all items made in the studio could have theoretically been made 100 years ago - ensuring high-quality control, clean and sustainable work methods as well as a very low carbon footprint.

While the textile’s geometric surface provides the necessary strength and flexibility - the wood texture is also soft and pleasant to the touch, at once both delicate and wear resilient.

Tesler + Mendelovitch continues to evolve and pursue multi-disciplinary projects, commissions, and collaborations, all based upon their expertise and vision in innovative wood textile design and unique construction methods.


  • 3D Wooden Textiles for Beginners

    Make flexible wooden textiles by measuring, cutting, and binding wood veneer and learning how to transform it into 3D structures

    A course by Tesler + Mendelovitch, Textile Design Studio




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