Stephy Fung
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Stephy Fung

Digital Fashion Artist

Inglaterra, United Kingdom

Stephy Fung

I am a 3D artist based in London who specialises in Adobe Suite, Cinema4D, Marvelous Designer/Clo3D, and Substance Painter. My artistic practice centres around building garments and the world in which they live whilst exploring and expressing my British Chinese identity where I fuse modern techniques with traditional Chinese elements.. My art provides integration, both physical and in the metaverse, through her NFT artworks and AR applications. I have worked with clients such Vogue Singapore, Highsnobiety, Glenfiddich, Jo Malone, Xbox and Paco Rabanne; and has been featured in VICE, Nylon Magazine and Hype Beast.

Across my artworks, I strive for a balanced composition imbued with vibrant colours. Usually I initially sketch the garment digitally, creating a raw outline for the final artwork. Next, I bring the art to life by transforming the artwork from 2D to a three-dimensional object. Upon completing the 3D modelling and motion graphics, I then layer additional textures and patterns which provide deeper meaning and complexity to the piece. Finally, I finish the process by editing the environment’s settings.


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