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Utrecht, Netherlands


Hello! So nice you are here!

I am an Illustrator living with my family (and our cat) in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

After the Art Academy I was a freelance illustrator for a while, but decided it wasnt really for me. I wanted to feel and be free in my choices of what I made, since I am so interested in so many different mediums and materials.

At the art academy I always had to make illustrations about 'heavy' subjects. There was something within me that said: in order to have the right to 'say' anything with your illustrations, it cant be about happy, personal or mundane things. But after the academy I freed myself slowly from this thought and I never looked back. And a few years later I gave birth to our daughter Meis and this was the last push I needed to really embrace the world of little animals and illustrating all the tiny ideas in my head. I now fill my days with frogs, dogs, bears, ducks and so many more! I love putting little tiny hats and booties on them. And hopefully create whimsical little worlds for people to enjoy and put a smile on their face.

I mainly use the blockprinting technique as my go to medium. But I combine it with other techniques and mediums, so you might say its not in the 'traditional' way! I use the linoleum as building blocks for my illustrations and often embellish or add details at the end, to create another layer.
I also love to experiment with paper as much as I can. I try to break out of the 2D limitations as often as I can and have created little books, little printable houses, birds and paper masks as well.

Over the years I have really learned to be comfortable with my own style and embrace my love for the silly things in life. I would love to share everything I have learned over the years and perhaps get you to start carving as well!

Heel veel liefs,


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